A bear with the beautiful Kodiak backdrop

Kodiak island is located in the Gulf of Alaska, not too far south of Kenai.

Big game hunters have been know to get shivers at the mere mention of Kodiak Island. The bears of Kodiak Island have become a symbol of greatness throughout the world, and for some hunters, this is the ultimate challenge. Somehow, on this island, the bears have developed larger body types. Almost all of the largest recorded grizzly bears in the world have come from this island.

Now the bears might be what Kodiak is famous for, but it has a lot more to offer. It is a volcanic island, which means the mountains are jagged, rugged, and of course, breath taking. The scene in the top picture is a typical sight from the shoreline. The interior of the island is almost completely covered in mountains.

Kodiak is also one of the least visited areas of Alaska. Very few tourists want to pay for the private flight out to the island, especially the ones scared of the enormous bears. The ones that do, however, are pleasantly surprised. There are several towns and villages scattered around the shoreline with very hospitable people.

This is one example, a view of a small town from a hillside above it.

As you can see, Kodiak island is a brave man’s Paradise