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Attention all readers: This blog officially has direction! It will be focused on one of my dreams/passions, traveling. In particular, traveling the beautiful, breathtaking area of the world known as Alaska. The guarantees as of right now are as follows: I will touch on 3 State and National parks, one of which I have visited and two that I will be experiencing this summer. The rest will be decided soon.

DISCLAIMER: I hope to hit on topics that draw in all readers, but to warn those brave readers that venture here, my focus will be centered around natural interest points, straying away from urban landmarks. These natural sightseeing areas are where my heart truly lies, and I would like you to see the reason why.



Welcome to my blog!!

This is definitely a learning experience for me, seeing as this is my first blog post…ever. So I’m not even sure I’m writing in the correct box. Oh well, hopefully this works out, and with any luck we should have some fun along the way. Enjoy!